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Art Engineering

Dasan Art’s art engineering service provides clients with accessible understanding, authenticity and high level of detail.

For the sake of our customers, we reject the ordinary and pursue beyond imagination, while at the same time discovering small things with the basics in mind. As engineers, we have specialised in the fields of structures, spatial structures of particular elegance, as well as innovative and adaptable construction techniques.

Here, all conceivable building materials come into consideration when making the appropriate choices with regard to utilisation, fabrication, cost and availability, as well as to the technical knowledge and craftsmanship at hand.

Our team of engineers is well-versed in all aspects of design. We take pride in delivering well-conceived, well-executed plans. We gain particular satisfaction from exhausting the unprecedented methods for generating and processing geometric data for presentation, communication, structural analysis and production.

The range of our projects to date includes:

Classical structural frameworks

Interior textile applications

Art objects

Illuminated objects and design objects

Metallic and steel lightweight constructions

Glass and façade constructions

Cable-supported structures

Botanical structures