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[Logistics status in mid-November]

2020-11-17 16:45
Concerns about the second pandemic of COVID-19 are now coming to life. As a result of this, it is said that the world is in a state of logistics turmoil in recent years as it enters the second pandemic situation, and there are signs that this issue is difficult to resolve within a short period of time.


Currently, a large amount of cargo is being passed through the sea due to the first air turmoil, but since October, the sea freight rate has been skyrocketing to the ceiling due to the sea turmoil. As a result of this, the airfare is also skyrocketing as the shipments that have been carried out by sea have been transferred to air.


As the sea/air turmoil continues, even booking becomes difficult and the regular fare rate is broken, and the fare is being called at that time. In addition, local transportation and handling on the overseas side is also in a situation where the service is not smooth and costs are rising sharply as the COVID-19 on the European/American side is getting worse.


Therefore, in the case of overseas transportation in the future under the above circumstances, having a coordination process or preparation time earlier than usual is one of the things we can do, and prompt judgment and decision are important.


# These days, it is difficult to succeed without cooperation between countries due to the nature of the globally connected economy and supply chain!

We hope that the establishment of a system of cooperation between the world can be made essential through the supply chain protection system for major industrial materials, quarantine and immigration control, and related information exchange.



***TNL Dasan Art works with customers and partners; we are ready to proceed with shipments in any obstacle to come.

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